Swiss Center for scientific Research, Innovation and Development

The SZWFIE researches in the field of human and veterinary medicine and the agricultural sector. Our main goal is to develop products and technical solutions for these areas and to accompany them on the path to market approval.

The SZWFIE sees itself as a hub for research talents from these areas, which would like to bring their ideas into recognized scientific form and are open to the discourse between idea and realistic achievement. In order to secure the cost of financing and on the other hand to make the inventions available to the public, we are always looking for the best solutions for a successful realization. Patent, trademark or open source is decided case by case. The SZWFIE is thus an incubator for new product developments and lives from royalties of its spin-offs.

The SZWFIE is convinced that there is an enormous potential for new approaches in health solutions, due to the growing number of  antibiotic resistances  and the rise of diseases which are, by modern medicine, considered as incurable. These approaches are based on the principles of natural holistic biophysics. In simple words: To understand and explain life by the laws of physics.

The SZWFIE is working in the role  of a “Sponsor” with recognized universities, spin-offs and research institutions to realize the selected projects as efficiently as possible.

In summary, the SZWFIE can be understood as a link between independent basic research and a group of specialists from the fields of finance, economics, law and pharmacy. The SZWFIE has the target, to find better solutions for humans, animals and the environment. We are convinced that real solutions are the basis for long-term, safe and highly successful returns on investments.

The SZWFIE is a stock corporation under Swiss law with its headquarters in Buchs and laboratories in Grabs, canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland.